Policy Research

Sound policy forms the bedrock of sustainable governance. As representatives of India’s 1.38 billion people, our Parliamentarians bear the burden of our nation’s expectations. They must ensure that government’s policies work towards addressing the dreams and aspirations of the masses. That is where we step in and aid MPs in understanding policies with our perceptive reports and analysis.

At RISAP, we identify the gaps in the ‘system’ and help in formulation of strong policy frameworks for political parties and organisations, which can help them usher in real change. We also provide policy briefs to legislators, which aid them during Parliament sessions. Our highly impactful policy frameworks stand on empirical analysis and on-ground assessments. Based on real-time feedback and constant analysis, we also mould desired policy solutions for best results.

During elections, RISAP’s research team prepares numerous insightful research papers, constituency profiles and other documents, which assist our clients during their campaigns.