Ground Campaigns

At RISAP, we encourage utilising traditional campaign methods of putting boots on the ground, surveying a constituency to get the right message for our client, and handling the daily media coverage.

Connecting with citizens is an imperative and getting boots on ground ensures your message is delivered right at the voter’s doorstep. We also understand that every region, political party and leader faces challenges unique to their location and therefore campaigns need to be devised keeping in mind such nuances.

How we do it

  • Door-to-door campaigns on local issues
  • Street plays and town hall discussions with people across constituency/state
  • Meetings with local influencers
  • Formation of booth committees
  • Identifying new people in inactive booths
  • Orienting booth level people, including booth level agents
  • Training of polling agents, identification of counting agents, grievance redressal mechanism
  • Organising small meetings with influencers, nukkad meetings etc
  • Setting up a control room, which coordinates with all zonal, ward and booth in-charges
  • Identifying places of meetings, organising booth teams for mass mobilisation
  • Visual dominance through campaign
  • Polling day management