With over two decades of institutional experience in handling communication strategies, policy research and data analysis, RISAP (Research Initiative for Strategic Analysis & Planning) is engaged by Parliamentarians, leaders and political parties.


Tapping into the pulse of the people, RISAP helps build the right strategy & create appropriate messaging, with a 360 degree approach to constituency management.


At RISAP, our clients can access a specially designed election software that gives them an edge by providing in-depth and filtered breakdown of various constituencies for any political campaign. This is further enhanced by our team of research analysts who assist in addressing the core issues.


RISAP helps leaders and legislators in understanding the implications of various policy decisions, and how they will impact the masses. We work across India’s political spectrum and provide policy briefs to our clients. Our team has extensive experience in whetting of Bills, producing thoroughly researched documents, and providing policy inputs to our clients.



Data is the key to understanding processes and designing strategies. Be it a political campaign or formulation of policy, data can give invaluable insight into patterns and trends. At RISAP, we have a strong team of number crunchers who are proficient in reading data and identifying trends. They provide us sharp policy inputs using our survey data. They are the veritable backbone of all our operations.


A campaign is a multi-layered process for us. We believe in breaking it down into phases, examining every minute detail, and strategizing every move. From gathering maximum background data at the start, to booth level administration, and managing outdoor campaigns, we understand the importance of the word diligence.